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A guide to entertainment on the Gold Coast.

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This Week

mar 04 - MAR 10

Entertainment on the Gold Coast. 

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The Avenue Surfers

WED, 06 MAR | 7:30pm | 3/15 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise | TICKETED $20 

The Avenue will be hosting some of the best comedians in the country and from around the world every week. Get into The Avenue from 7:30pm for a night of laughs every Wednesday. Call ahead on (07) 5592 1678 and book your table now.

Last Night on Earth

THUR, 07 MAR | 7pm | 50B Nerang St, Southport | TICKETED $20 

Comedy at Last Night on Earth in Southport every Thursday at 7pm with a bang! Seating is limited and gas masks are more acceptable to wear than ever!

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Gold Coast Little Theatre

Season 13 APRIL - 04 MAY | 2pm & 7:30pm | 21A Scarborough St, Southport | TICKETED from $25 - $38 

A suspenseful classic Susy Hendrix is a blind housewife who becomes the target of three conmen searching for the heroin hidden in a doll, that her husband Sam unwittingly transported from Canada. Through cleverly constructed deception, the conmen convince Susy that the police have implicated Sam in murder. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues between the two. Susy knows the only way to play fair is by her rules, so when darkness falls, she turns off all the lights leaving both of them to manoeuvre in the dark until the game ends.

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